Why was this website developed?

This website was developed by the Health Promotion Agency (HPA), in conjunction with the Ministry of Health, to provide one place for all New Zealand’s tobacco control data.

What is the Health Promotion Agency?

The Health Promotion Agency (HPA) is a Crown entity that promotes health and wellbeing, and encourages healthy lifestyles. The HPA works across a range of health topics including:

• tobacco control
• sun safety
• minimising gambling harm
• nutrition and physical activity
• alcohol.

What does the Health Promotion Agency do about tobacco control?

The HPA's tobacco control work encourages New Zealanders to reject tobacco and adopt a smokefree lifestyle. This is achieved by reducing the number of people that take up smoking and increasing the number of people that quit. Some of HPA's aims are:

• reducing the number of places where young people are exposed to smoking (including in and around homes and cars, and public and recreational settings)
• reducing media portrayals of tobacco
• increasing young people's ability to resist tobacco
• reducing inequality in smoking uptake among Māori.