Create Custom Graphs

This is where you can create your own graphs. The tools on the following page will allow you to select a dataset and then graph the parts you are most interested in. You are also given flexibility over the formatting and graph types. The custom chart creator is in what we call the “beta” stage, meaning that we are still developing and improving the functionality.

How does it work?

While the repository contains a vast amount of data, we currently have only a small subset available in the custom chart creator. Over time we will add more data and functionality to this tool. The data in the custom chart creator are grouped by data type, for example, by percentage or means.

When you create a new graph, you select a dataset, and then the variables you want to graph. You can then select filters, or subsets, e.g. gender. Finally you can select the type and style of the graph. The custom chart creator interface with guide you through the process of creating a graph.

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