Smoking Cessation Services

These data represent the activity of, and outcomes achieved, by a number of community based (face-to-face) stop smoking services. Within most DHB catchment areas, there are multiple stop smoking service providers operating. The data from all of the services headquartered within a DHB catchment have been combined to show activity by DHB area.

Note that this data does not cover all community-based stop smoking services.

Data from the final quarter of the 2015/16 financial year are not available due to all of the prior stop smoking service contracts ending on 30 June 2016.

Graph list:
1.   Referral source
2.   Referral Response Time
3.   Clients Numbers - Intervention other than cessation
4.   Number of Clients Enrolling on the Programme
5.   Abstinence Rates
6.   Age Group
7.   Gender
8.   Ethnic Group
9.   Pharmacotherapy
10. Time to First Cigarette
11. Number of Sessions (Followups)
12. Validated 4 Week Abstinence Status
13. Self Reported 4 Week Abstinence Status
14. Validated 3 Month Abstinence Status
15. Self Reported 3 Month Abstinence Status
16. Gum Prescribed & Distributed
17. Patches Prescribed & Distributed
18. Lozenges Prescribed & Distributed

Available filter variables:

NRT: Nicotine Replacement Therapy
TQD: Target Quit Date