New Zealand Census

The New Zealand Census is the official count of how many people and dwellings there are in New Zealand, measuring the number of current smokers in New Zealand by age, gender, ethnicity and DHB.

New Zealand Census:
1.   Regular smokers by DHB (2013)
2.   Regular smokers by Age (2013)
3.   Regular smokers by Ethnicity (2013)
4.   Regular smokers by Gender (2013)
5.   Ex-smokers by DHB (2013)
6.   Ex-smokers by Age (2013)
7.   Ex-smokers by Ethnicity (2013)
8.   Ex-smokers by Gender (2013)
9.   Never Smoked Regularly by DHB (2013)
10. Never Smoked Regularly by Age (2013)
11. Never Smoked Regularly by Ethnicity (2013)
12. Never Smoked Regularly by Gender (2013)
13. Census 1996 to 2013
14. 2006, 2013 Census cigarette smoking behaviour map at District Health Board, Census Area Unit and Meshblock level (GIS)

Available filter variables:
Gender, age, ethnicity and DHB

Cigarette smoking refers to the active smoking of one or more manufactured or hand-rolled tobacco cigarettes, from purchased or home-grown tobacco, per day, by a person aged 15 years and over. The term ‘smoking’ refers to active smoking behaviour, that is, the intentional inhalation of tobacco smoke. Smoking does not refer to, or include, passive smoking (the unintentional inhalation of tobacco smoke).

Cigarette smoking does not include:
- smoking of tobacco in cigars, pipes, and cigarillos
- smoking of any other substances such as herbal cigarettes or marijuana
- consumption of tobacco products by other means, such as chewing.

Regular smoker: Someone who actively smokes one or more manufactured or hand–rolled tobacco cigarettes per day.
Never smoked: Someone who never actively smoked manufactured or hand rolled tobacco cigarettes at all or never actively smoked one or more per day.
Ex-smoker: Someone who is not a regular smoker now but had been a regular smoker of one or more cigarettes in the past.

Other information:
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