Explore tobacco data

The Tobacco Control Data Repository contains a library of interactive graphs that illustrate key findings from various data sources collected by different agencies.

The graphs in the library are interactive, allowing you to select subsets of the data (filters), and to change aspects of the graphs. Click here for a tutorial.

If you experience any problems, please check the FAQs, or report a problem/request help.

To help you find the information you are most interested in, we give you three different ways that you can browse though these graphs.

To begin, choose how you would like to browse the library by selecting one of the following three options:

Dataset view
Browse the library by dataset. For example, the Census, sales data, Health and Lifestyles Survey
Topic view
View a list of general topics with associated graphs. For example, view all the graphs relating to the prevalence of tobacco use or ethinicity-based comparisons
List view
View a list of all avaliable graphs, similar to a book index