The New Zealand government has recently reinforced its intention to actively monitor tobacco control sector activity as it pursues a policy designed to reduce the prevalence of Tobacco Consumption to less than 5% of the population by 2025.

The Finance and Expenditure Select Committee following sector submissions on the Customs and Excise (Tobacco Products Budget measures) amendment Bill (2012) made the recommendation to:

“Monitor closely the progress made over the next few years toward the goal of a smoke-free New Zealand by 2025”.

Prior to the development of this data repository, there was no single place to obtain data to monitor tobacco control sector activity. Efforts to monitor are made by four central government agencies, some NGOs and all DHBs. The cost of all data collection channels concerning tobacco consumption is at least several million dollars per annum.

The ‘Web-Based Data Repository’ project is part of a larger business case “Additional Health Promotion Activities for tobacco control” produced by the Ministry under the Tobacco Control Programme. HPA provided high-level supporting information about proposed activities, costs and expected timelines.

The Health Promotion Agency/Te Hiringa Hauora is a Crown entity under the Crown Entities Act 2004. It was established on 1 July 2012 by the New Zealand Public Health and Disability Amendment Act 2012. HPA has an overall function to lead and support national health promotion initiatives and activities ranging from education, marketing and communications to advice, resources and tools.

The project goals are to;

• Support HPA’s obligations to the Ministry to monitor progress to achievement of a smokefree NZ by 2025

• Support the mass cessation needed to achieve the government’s aspirational goal of Smokefree New Zealand by 2025 and its interim goals in 2018