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New Zealand Cancer Registry (NZCR) and Mortality Collection (MORT)
The New Zealand Cancer Registry (NZCR) is a population-based register of all primary malignant diseases diagnosed in New Zealand, excluding squamous and basal cell skin cancers. The Mortality Collection (MORT) classifies the underlying cause of death for all deaths registered in New Zealand.

Information about the NZCR and MORT data

1.   Frequency of lung cancer registrations and mortality
2.   Population-standardised rates of lung cancer registrations and mortality
3.   Population-standardised rates of lung cancer registrations and mortality by Ethnicity

New Zealand Census
The New Zealand Census is the official count of how many people and dwellings there are in New Zealand, measuring the number of current smokers in New Zealand by age, gender, ethnicity and DHB.

Information about the latest Census

1. 2006, 2013, and 2018 Census cigarette smoking prevalence graphs
2. 2006, 2013, and 2018 Census cigarette smoking prevalence map (GIS)

The New Zealand Health Survey (NZHS)
The New Zealand Health Survey (NZHS) monitors population health, including smoking behaviour, in a representative sample of approximately 13,000 adults and 4500 children in New Zealand.

Information about the Health survey

1.   Prevalence - Current smoking
2.   Prevalence - Daily smoking

New Zealand Smoking Monitor (NZSM)
The New Zealand Smoking Monitor (NZSM) is a fortnightly monitor run continuously since July 2011 that measures the responsiveness and impact of tobacco control effort among smokers at various stages of the quitting process (non-attempters, recent quit attempters and serious quitters).

Information about the NZSM

1.   Perceived impact of tobacco cost
2.   Pressure from others to quit
3.   Intention to quit
4.   Self-efficacy in quitting
5.   Reduced tobacco consumption recently
6.   Switched to a cheaper tobacco type recently
7.   Switched to a cheaper brand recently
8.   Smoked duty free cigarettes recently
9.   Exposure to tobacco control advertising
10. Exposure to news stories
11. Exposure to smoking on TV or in movies
12. Awareness of policy change

The Quitline data measures the number of quit attempts in New Zealand using Quitline services from 2005 to 2016, split by age, gender and ethnicity.

Information about the Quitline data

1.   Quit attempts from July 2005 to June 2015 (the Quit Group)
2.   Quit attempts from November 2015 to September 2017 (Homecare Medical)

Youth Insights Survey (YIS)
The Youth Insights Survey (YIS) is a nationally representative school-based survey of around 3,000 Year 10 students. The YIS collects in-depth information on tobacco-related knowledge, attitudes and behaviour, as well as a wide range of information on youth culture and lifestyles.

Information about the YIS

1.   Early uptake of cigarette smoking (first tried a cigarette before age 10)
2.   Tried a cigarette for the first time in past year
3.   Number of cigarettes smoked in life
4.   Perception of whether it would be difficult to quit once someone has started smoking
5.   Perception of whether student could get cigarettes from friends
6.   Perception of whether student could get cigarettes from their family or home
7.   Perception of whether student could get cigarettes from a shop
8.   Past-week exposure to second-hand smoke at home
9.   Past-week exposure to second-hand smoke in a vehicle
10. Agreement that parents have set rules about not smoking cigarettes
11. Agreement that parents would be upset if student was caught smoking cigarettes
12. Agreement that there is no harm in having a cigarette once in a while
13. Agreement that don't want to end up a smoker
14. Agreement that by 2025 hardly anybody will be smoking
15. Agreement that smoking in cars should be banned when children are in them
16. Agreement that tobacco companies should not be allowed to promote cigarettes and tobacco with cool looking packs
17. Agreement that want to live in a country where no one smokes
18. Agreement that smoking should be banned in all outdoor places where young people go
19. Ever tried electronic cigarettes